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Passport Information
Passport Overview
Applying for Passport
Renewal of Passport
Amendment of Record
Surrendering a Passport
Method of Payment
Mail-In Service
Amendment of Record Form
Renewal of Passport Form

The following documents are to be submitted for renewal:

  1. Completed Application Form for Renewal of Passport.
  2. Passport
  3. Prescribed Fees [No photographs are required].

Please note the following:

  • What happens if the passport has been lying without renewal for a long time?: If the passport has not been renewed for a long time (suppose 7-8 years or more), then it has to be renewed to the present date (the date of application) even if the total period exceeds 10 years (from the date of first issuance). Then a new passport will be issued. Both the old and new passport would then be stapled together and returned to the applicant. In such cases the applicant has to submit two applications: a) application for renewal of the number of years elapsed since date of expiry; b) The amount payable for these two services need to be submitted separately along with each form.
  • Mail in Service: Applications for renewal of passports are RECEIVED and DELIVERED by mail. Considering the efficiency of postal services in the United States, applicants are advised to use mail-in-service to save time and money. A passport received by mail for renewal is mailed back in the afternoon of the next working day (for normal fees). Please click Mail-in-Service for details.

Please note that the guidelines provided are indicative. The Consulate General reserves the right to ask for any original document at any stage for scrutiny by the Consular Office before rendering any service.

Processing Time for Renewal

Processing of for renewal of passport are as follows:

Service Type Processing Time
On the next working day (between 03:00-05:00 P.M.)
Urgent same day (between 03:00-05:00 P.M.)

Applications received by mail will normally take one working day to process. This is in addition to the time taken in mail (one to two weeks in case of certified mail).

The above time schedule does not apply for services for which REFERENCE HAS TO BE MADE TO COMPETENT AUTHORITIES IN BANGLADESH.

Prescribed Fees for Renewal :

The rates for renewal of above passports will be as follows:

Year 48 page Booklet 64 page Booklet
Ordinary (US$) Urgent (US$) Ordinary (US$) Urgent (US$)
1 22.00 33.00 27.50 44.00
2 44.00 66.00 55.00 88.00
3 66.00 99.00 82.50 132.00
4 88.00 132.00 110.00 176.00
5 110.00 165.00 137.50 220.00

Fees are payable to the Consulate General of Bangladesh, New York in the form of Money order/Bank Draft/Certified Check.