Attestation of US Documents

Documents required at the time of submission of application are:

  1. Filled in Application Form for attestation/certification;
  2. Prescribed Fees in an appropriate method of payment
  • Notarization by a Notary Public;
  • Authentication of commission of the Notary Public by the City/County Clerk;
  • Authentication of the City/County Clerk by the Office of the Secretary of the State in which the document has been notarized;
  • Authentication by the US Department of State (for details on the procedure for authentication, please visit the web site of the US Department of State. The Authentication Department of the US Department of State is located at 518 23rd Street NW, State Annex-1 Columbia Plaza, Washington DC 20520, Phone: 202-647-5002
  • Authentication Officer, Department of State, New York Office is located at 123 William Street (19th Floor), NY-10038 (website: www.dos.state.ny.us, Tel: 212-417-5684).

After obtaining such authentication, the document may be submitted along with a photocopy and filled-in application form and prescribed fee. Such documents which have prior authentication of the US Department of State may be sent to the Consulate General by mail also. Please visit our Mail-in service for details.