The Consulate General issues different types of certificates to Bangladeshi nationals on the basis of information provided in documents which have prior certification/attestation by the Government of Bangladesh.

For any certification, documents as required by the Consulate should be submitted in original with a copy of the same. The original document will be returned with the certificate after issuance, while the photocopy will be retained by the Consulate General. Following are the types of certificates issued by the Consulate General:

Application Form for Attestation/Certification.

Alive Certificate: Senior citizens retiring from the services of the Government of Bangladesh, or their spouses, may obtain a certificate stating that he/she is alive on the day the certificate is given. Such certificates are issued only when the applicant comes to the Consulate General in person, with his or her Bangladesh passport and other relevant documents including similar certificates issued earlier. This service is provided free of charge.

If the senior citizen resides outside the five boroughs of New York and is unable to come in person to the Consulate General, he/she may apply by mail. In such cases the applicant has to fill in the application form along with an affidavit after notarization and authentication of the notary public by the City/County Clerk. A self addressed prepaid envelope with tracking number should also be sent for the return service. The requirements are summarized below:

  • Filled in Application Form for Attestation/Certification;
  • Affidavit after notarization and authentication of notary public by the City/County Clerk;
  • Photocopy of first five pages of Bangladesh passport (valid or expired);
  • A return prepaid self addressed envelope.

Other Certificates: The Consulate General also issues various other certificates on submission of supporting documents as required by the Consulate General.