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Applying for a Machine Readable Passport (MRP)
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The following sections provide guidelines on how to apply for a passport. Please note that the guidelines provided in this page are indicative. The Consulate General reserves the right to request for any additional documents at any stage for scrutiny by the Consular Officer before rendering any service.

The Consulate General of Bangladesh in New York already started to enroll Machine Readable Passport (MRP). To apply for MRP, the applicant must come in person
and submit a completed Machine Readable Passport (MRP) Application Form. From now on you can download MRP Form and fill it up online: http://www.passport.gov.bd

he applicant who is only under the jurisdiction of Bangladesh Consulate General in New York such as the States of New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Vermont can apply to this Consulate and needs the following:

  1. Duly filled-in 04(four) pages application Form in English (capital letters);

  2. One copy recent photograph (2”x2”);

  3. Copy of previous Bangladesh Passport (1-7 pages);

  4. Copy of 17-digit Birth Registration Certificate or National ID Card; and

  5. Payment of applicable fees through Money Order or Bank Certified Cheque.

      For obtaining MRP, the possession of National ID Card or Birth Registration Certificate is mandatory. Those who are not in possession of either of the both documents may procure the same by sending the copy of their valid Bangladesh Passports to the respective City Corporation/Municipality/Union Parishad. Option for applying online at http://bris.lgd.gov.bd/pub may also be availed.

     The applicant will come in person to drop the application for MRP. Applicant’s physical appearance is required to capture his/her picture, thumb impression and signature electronically. The applicant must bring his/her existing passport during the time of drop off the application.

      After completion of the enrollment process, the applicant will be given a tentative date of delivery of Machine Readable Passport. Since, all the information will be sent to the Department of Immigration & Passport in Dhaka and the passport will be printed in there, there might be a change in the tentative date of delivery. All concerned are requested to follow the Notifications posted in the website of the Consulate General.

Application form must be filled in fully, legibly and accurately typed or filled in Capital letters). The form must be signed at all requested places. Incomplete application form will not be processed please click here for details.....

Processing Time & Fees

The processing time & fees for issuance of a Machine Readable passport (MRP) are as follows:

Delivery Type Processing Fees
(in US $)
Processing Time
Ordinary 110.00 After 45 working days
Urgent 220.00 After 25 working days



Fees are payable to the Consulate General of Bangladesh, New York and write purchaser's name and address in the form of a Money Order/Bank Draft/Certified Cheque. For details, please click Method of Payment.

Notification for IBRNNotification on the Issuance of Interim Birth Registration Number (IBRN):

The Consulate General of Bangladesh in New York has initiated issuance of Interim Birth Registration Number (IBRN) from 08 November 2011. Applicants willing to apply for Machine Readable Passport (MRP) will have to submit copy of the IBRN along with other documents necessary for MRP application. Applicants who already have the Birth Registration Number (BRN) can submit copy of the BRN with their MRP application form and they do not have to apply for IBRN. Applicants who already got their IBRN are advised to obtain the BRN later at their available opportunity because the BRN may be needed in future for purposes other than MRP application. The applicants may get the BRN from the authorities concerned in Bangladesh, that is, the respective City Corporation /Municipality/Union Parishad. Applicants who already obtained IBRN and are willing to apply for BRN are advised to submit a copy of the IBRN to the authorities concerned in Bangladesh.

02.      The applicant has to submit the following documents in this regard: 

(1) Duly filled-in application Form (Certification) in English (capital letters);

Copy of Bangladesh Passport (1-7 pages);

Copy of Birth Certificate/Nationality Certificate issued by the local City Corporation /Municipality/Union Parishad (if any);

Payment of applicable fees (US$ 6.00) through Money Order or Bank Certified Cheque in favour of ‘Bangladesh Consulate General in New York’.

           Applicable Fees:
- US$ 6.00 (to be delivered in the next working day at 3.00 to 5.00 p.m)